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EN – LIFESTYLE – Pramil, cosy restaurant in Paris Marais area

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Pramil  is the Paris restaurant open by Chef Alain Pramil in the elegant and so famous Marais district. What’s on the menu ? Elegant dishes made with care and pleasantly twisted with a touch of innovation.


Located near the Temple Metro station at 9 Rue Vert Bois in the 3rd district of Paris , Pramil restaurant is cosy, calm and warm. The service is attentionate and the menu composed by the Maestro follows the seasons. Nowadays many French Chefs wants to follow the seasons, to offer the best of each produce at its best of the year. No point in serving tired and costly airfreifght strawberries desserts in December. Better serve apple, pears and oranges desserts for instance.

The dishes are generous and served rapidly by a polite staff. I was allowed to taste the wine and change. Basically there are 2 choices of red wine and 2 choices of white wine. I saw tagliatella pasta generously served with slices of black truffle. The « boneless » rabbit dish ( refined white meat not very much eaten in Asia but muchj appreciated in France)  or the scallops fill up your plate.


At the dessert , the safran millefeuilles , a multiple layered cake of crust and cream typically French,  is delicately fragrant and 100% homemade. I say that because many pastries in French restaurants are not homemade, many restaurants serve frozen or industrial stuff bought in wholesale.  The glass of wine is priced very reasonably at 5 euros. You may taste before they fill in your glass, which gives you the opportunity to change your mind. Of course, dont take the advantage to play wine tasting game. This is just a extra service.

Menus at 24 euros or 33 euros , or  à la carte.

Glass of Wine at 5 euros.

Site of the Restaurant Pramil 


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