L'effet colibri, the hummingbird effect

Evadons-nous d'un battement d'ailes vers un jardin de scoops, de rêve et d'élégance, and more

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JARDIN – Romance in flowers – part 1 , Carnations

What flowers to bring romance ? In France, chrysanthemums ( unfortunately) usually remain in cemeteries. Roses, carnations, lilies, tulips, daisies, it is another world at our local flower shops.

Unlike Asians, French people are used to having fresh cut flowers at home. Flower shops are regularly visited by French ladies and French gentlemen looking for some flowers to present or to bring back home.

oeillet rouge

Of course, like fruits and veggies, there are seasons more appropriate to certain flowers.

In the summer, no fragrant flower lasts longer than carnation.

Carnation are usually deliciously fragrant, elegant and very resistant to heat.  From poet carnations to China carnations, here are all the variations of carnations.

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ENG- JARDIN- Lavenders , the real and the fake

Last June, as we were walking in Amsterdam, my Singaporian friend suddenly  stopped in front of a violet flowered plant.  » Lavender !  » she shouted to her husband, very excited.


Lavender, really ? Are you sure ?

Well, nope, this was not lavender but blue salvias ( or sages). 

Lavender can grow in Northern Europe, however there are plenty of plants with blue  fragrant flowers that fill in most public gardens in Europe.  And you will love them too !

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JARDIN – Flowers in Paris

Where to see nice flowers in Paris. A few spots you will enjoy.

Paris monuments

  • the Flower Market on the Isle of  La Cité
  • Luxembourg Palace Garden
  • Saint-Cloud  Park
  • Albert Kahn Japanese Garden

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LIFESTYLE – Travel advice , the safety issue

Going to France is not as dangerous as going to other countries, but there a few things to pay attention to, especially if you are coming from a safer place.


The French police patrol in uniforms or dressed as civilians to catch the delinquents

The big cities and all the tourist crowded places  ( like the French Riviera ) attract a fauna of dishonest people.  Like mosquitoes, they converge to all the crowded places where jet lagged tourists hang around with money.  Here is a sample of the specimens you may run into.

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LIFESTYLE – July in Paris, part 2 , Le Tour de France

July in France ? Well, here are a few of our favourite summer traditions.


After the National Day celebrations, let us explore another July institution, le Tour de France. It has started on 4th July  afternoon in the Dutch city of Utrecht, in the country of cycling !

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LIFESTYLE – July in France – part 1, French National Day

What to do in July in Paris ? Here are our main French summer traditions.


Let us start with the 14th of July,  our National Day, Fete Nationale in French.

So,  what to expect on  » le 14 Juillet » ?

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EN – LIFESTYLE – Pramil, cosy restaurant in Paris Marais area

Pramil  is the Paris restaurant open by Chef Alain Pramil in the elegant and so famous Marais district. What’s on the menu ? Elegant dishes made with care and pleasantly twisted with a touch of innovation.


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