L'effet colibri, the hummingbird effect

Evadons-nous d'un battement d'ailes vers un jardin de scoops, de rêve et d'élégance, and more

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LIFESTYLE- Marvels galore at Aux Merveilleux

A very yammy pastry boutique nests near the Boulevard Saint Germain, at 300 meters from the St Michel Boulevard and its subway station.

The number of products looks scarce in comparison with other French pastry shops, but you cannot take your eyes off the  exciting colourful marvels, those mysterious domes full of promises.



You may find all this very basic,  but taste them and you will fall in love with their heavenly taste, designed by pastry master from Lille,  Frederic Vaucamps.

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EN-LIFESTYLE – Profiterole Chérie, heaven of the cream puff in sauce

Welcome to this new series of articles on Paris unknown food spots, where pastry tasting is an art de vivre !

Jaded with the « usual » macarons,  madeleines and cupcakes ?

Welcome to the fancy world of the Profiterole,  the funny name of the cream puff with a sauce. Super famous Chef Urraca has created a shop entirely dedicated to this pastry cutie.


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