L'effet colibri, the hummingbird effect

Evadons-nous d'un battement d'ailes vers un jardin de scoops, de rêve et d'élégance, and more

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LIFESTYLE- My addresses in Paris Chinatown

Paris Chinatown district should rather be nicknamed Asiatown, as it is strongly influenced by the South East Asian cultures from Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand ( many members still being from the Chinese diaspora of those countries) . It is quite different from London’s Chinatown who is mainly under Hong Kong cultural influence.


Walk around Avenue de Choisy and d’Ivry and you’ll be surprised by the number of shops and restaurants serving Vietnamese and Thai food.

A few addresses I am happy to share with you, in case you are tired of European cuisine and want to have a change. Hong Kong, Vietnam, China, every cuisine at reasonable rates.

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