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PEOPLE-ENG- Brigitte Macron, the next First Lady

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Here they are now, on the threshold of the Presidential Elysees Palace, our local White House. A newcomer in politics, former banker and Ministre, Macron has almost won the top job last night. Emmanuel Macron had been the favourite in most surveys for weeks.  He managed to take the edge on the 10 other candidates, helped by  a « 12th candidate », his significant other, Brigitte. She has been « the one » since he was 15. Now, their romance is part of French History.

It was fated between these two soulmates

No matter what, Brigitte Macron has accompanied her husband everywhere, beaming like a star, always dolled up in luxury clothes on loan from the very exclusive brand LV (Louis Vuitton).  Brigitte has been so full of energy that she  really seemed to be the 12th candidate.

Will she be the most stylish French First Lady ever  ?  Errr, let’s have a look…

Maybe is she inspired by Michelle Obama for her smiling allure . Well read, articulate,  Brigitte Macron, 63,  is the most formidable asset of her husband’s,  Emmanuel, 39 . Macron has rallied an incredibly diverse crowd of supporters, from Robert Hue, a former Communist Party leader , up to Alain Madelin, a former ministre who is a strong advocate of free trade. In addition to these opposite political celebrities, Macron has also attracted a number of billionaires such as  Niel or Drahi, owners of the 3rd and 2nd telcos operators in the country. A true « patchwork »of supporters.

Last night, Macron at the Rotonde gastropub near Montparnasse. The photo is as blur as his political party structure…Will he settle a strong base at the French Parliament in June ? He does not have the majority at the Senate but can his new party win a majority at the Lower Chamber ?

His old friend Xavier Niel ( owner of Free Telecom) is married to another billionaire’s daughter: Delphine Arnault, daughter of Bernard Arnault, the luxury group tycoon  who owns a constellation of prestige brands , under the LVMH umbrella group: clothing, fashion accessories , perfumes, alcohols,vineyards, shoes, hotels, any luxury stuff is OK for LVMH.

Delphine Arnault is hardly a fashion icon herself despite wearing overexpensive « things »from the family brand, LV.


LV »s exclusive clothing does not suit everyone

Delphine holds a position of Senior Vice President in the family corporation. Why talking about her ? Because she is said to be the fashion mentor to her friend Brigitte. The legend says that both ladies met during a social function. Some say Delphine actually knew Brigitte’s daughters. Brigitte has two daughters and a son. Laurence is the eldest and Tiphaine the youngest ( a lawyer very devoted to her stepfather who is her senior by a few years) .

Laurence ( left)  and Tiphaine (right)  surround their laughing mother, Brigitte, last night at the after poll party

Delphine dared providing some fashion advice to Mrs Macron .  Very quickly a loan partnership started. When the Fillon scandal hit all the newsstands,  the Macron team  let everybody know that every item on loan from LV  was enlisted in a notebook to ensure that all of them are duly returned to LV. However, my mother questions the shoes ( Mrs Macron wears LV shoes as well)….

Usually First Ladies become French luxury models after their husbands are elected President. Chanel was a favourite of Bernadette Chirac’s. Carla Bruni often wore Hermès and Dior ( another LVMH brand) . Daniele Mitterrand regularly wore Torrente. Claude Pompidou wore Courreges. 

Brigitte just did not wait for her husband to be elected. The Macron are very well organised, they have planified every step carefully.  Step by step to the Elysee Palace. They have been engineering this campaign for 2 years .  Brigitte  has been wearing LV almost at every public event for 2 years. Following the advice from  her mentor Delphine, she has changed her style, orientating herself  towards a « sporty glam rock style » , not really suitable for her frame.

Clothes wise, she loves wearing Perfecto leatherjackets and skinny trousers or jeggings.

Brigitte and youngest daughter Tiphaine, a lawyer and the 2nd biggest fan of her step father’s after Mum of course.

Brigitte loves black and blue ( navy blue or sky blue) . These two colours are really her favourites. It gets quite boring to look at her indeed.

Walking in Montmartre to show off for the paparazzi after a radio show.

Mrs Macron found in her love romance with Emmanuel the freshness of her party loving teens. She let people understand that she was a bit of a sassy girl who married very young a bourgeois husband who ended up to be too boring .

From time to time she adds up some white or some red. But black is always there somehow.

Brigitte’s looks are not really what we would  call original or even fun. Brigitte is not a creative and stylish lady like Michelle Obama or Sophie Trudeau. It is quite clear she wears clothes as advised by others. It is always the same single big brand, as if she was afraid of making a mistake, whereas she could have a personal stylist and shopper who could select for her small labels, budding French designers.

dark and dull, this is the usual outfit for Mrs Macron

That is where you notice Macron may be a young man « who supports entrepreneurship », he still remains a friend of the big corporations, like his own wife. They may look  » modern hype Parisians »  but remain very cliches of the « bourgeois from the provinces »( ie conservative, not stylish, a bit dull).  Macron is seen by many as a Big Money supporter hiding under a young goldenboy skin. He hangs out with senior citizens stars all the time, and he even married one .

Mrs Macron s clothing is not really suitable to her thin body morphology; the skinny trousers and short skirts make her legs look like sticks. Worse, she looks older than her age by choosing such short miniskirt. When Cate Blanchett dons LV once upon a time on the red carpet, it looks original, edgy.

Cate wows the crowd in LV… but her shoes did not seem comfortable that night.

When it is Brigitte, it bores you off quickly . Brigitte looks frumpy and dull with fierce features. There are some fillers in the cheeks as well. 

More often than not, we see her figure composed of 3 cubes :  bob,  top and  miniskirt.  If you add the dark colours on the fake tan, it looks really dark, almost gothic.

Fortunately, Brigitte is a fun loving lady, always beaming like a happy girl. She is so excited by her husband’s presidential destiny that she compared him to Joan of Arc for his deep passion for saving France. She joked that in 2022, her face would not be suitable any longer for a presidential campaign : it had to be  now or never. Brigitte previously told Paris Match her Emmanuel was like a Knight. He is clearly the hero of her life. Their couple destiny has been like a fairy tale, a tale of initiatic challenges.

Last night, Brigitte celebrates her husband triumph in a blazer jacket

in 1993, their first hug in public

With such a slender figure, a beaming smile and a youthful energy like hers, Brigitte could be so much more elegant and classy. That’ s a pity to see her masculine frocks every single day. Dressing up like a 30 something rock model when one is 63 is not really  the most rejuvenating  choice for her.

Brigitte’s beauty looks are not the best either. Her thick 70ies bob haircut with fringe is too long for her short neck and she always wears those woolen scarves that swallow her neck even more. If the scarf is black, it is even worse, as her complexion is better with fair and warm colors. White immediately enlightens her face  better.

Mrs Macron is often helped by a professional makeup artist, not something usually done among French candidates wives.  It surely helps .

Brigitte looks much better with a shorter layered bob so we can see her neck and shoulders. 

Brigitte illustrates very well the fact that wearing a big name does not mean anything at all . Elegance is not about name dropping but creativity, self-confidence and choosing the right thing for one’s complexion and figure, despite of all the fashion fads. From time to time,  it is a bit more « watchable », like this long coat in navy blue ( she wore it at the latest LV catwalk show). As soon as she does not hide her face under a heavy bob , she looks better. But there is no risk taking or real creativity, it is just hiding under some dark colour clothing. Navy blue suits everyone.

Stylist Nicolas Ghesquiere after the latest Louis Vuitton Show with the Arnault family, the LV CEO and Brigitte.

Unlike Michelle or Carla, there is nothing much that we can look at so I dont need to search lots of pictures, since Mrs Macron always wears the same « masculin- feminin » style.

Mrs Macron is his favourite advisor, the only one he trusts. A new Nancy Reagan ?

Now, as Mr Macron is probably going to win this election, we’ll see how Mrs Macron will defend French elegance in the future. Will she stick to her skinny rock glam looks or try other stylists. Mr.Arnault also owns Dior, so I bet he will try to push that one on her. Dior is surely more mainstream than the avant garde LV.

In fact many suspect she’s the backseat driver of their couple. Non verbal cues are self explanatory

Hermes may want to fight back ( The family who owns Hermes hates the Arnault family because they tried to take over Hermes in a very illegal undercover stock exchange operation that ended up by a humiliating litigation lost by Arnault) . The Hermes are very stiff and posh ( we are a signature, not a brand, bla bla)  while the Arnault LVMH style is more nouveau riche trying to look  » the old luxury house ». Chanel  will also want a place in the sun.

Yesterday, Brigitte wore a long jacket in gray fabric on skinny leather trousers and a gray pullover. Boring and dull again. The thick bob looks a bit like a wig. Oddly enough, she does not step forward to put the enveloppe in the box as usual but lean forward.

And there are so many nice French creators who would deserve some spotlight more than LV. And there are so many colours she could wear nicely such as dark green or purple. Even white would be a big break from her usual black and navy blue or gray ( we call it pearl gray ( gris perle)  or mouse gray ( gris souris) ).

Her source of inspiration could be Queen Maxima or Juliana Awad, the beautiful Argentinian First Lady. It seems that Mrs Macron is afraid of looking too   » dame »  (« lady » in French, it is not a CBE ).  No need to wear dark skinny leather trousers and Perfecto leather jackets to look attractive and young.

There were evil minded rumours about Macron having a double life, one with his motherly wife and one with Radio France boss, the handsome Mathieu Gallet. Quite difficult to believe since Brigitte is always with her man. She dropped her teaching job in a famous private school to follow him to the Elysees. She is there to check his speeches, to dress him up , to attend his staff meeting, and to manage his agenda.

She is quite close to Cecilia Sarkozy s style, a former Presidential wife also in a fusional relationship.

We will see how she handles her future role as a First Lady. She said that times have changed , that a (modern) political wife should always stand besides her husband. Well, that is not really what one would call a modern way of being a political wife. Jackie Kennedy did it before and she was hardly modern as  a Presidential wife, although she brought more glamour to the White House life, and did contribute to restore that historical place .

For me and for many , Michelle Obama remains the best example to follow for a First Lady nowadays. Smart, articulate and charismatic.

We miss you, Michelle.

To read more on Daily Mail

Brigitte as a teacher when she met Emmanuel



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