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ENG-LIFESTYLE – Paris, my latest summer addresses

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Here are a few places i have tested recently in Paris. The kind of places without tourists, only locals.



  • Coulée Verte René Dumont, a greenery path in the city
  • Glaces Glazed, a new ice cream maker 
  • Rue Leopold Bellan, a street full of treasures

Last Saturday, I finally strolled along the Coulée Verte René Dumont, a renowned greenery path that was created to recycle a former sky railway.

It is quite renowned, but not so many Parisians know it. Furtherless, no tourists were in view.

Its length is 4.5km, going from Bastille to Reuilly.

You can start at Bastille or at Gare de Lyon. At the end of the long path of varied greenery and gateways, you will be at metro Michel Bizot or Porte Dorée ( the last part is the Square Charles Péguy Paris 12) .

When arriving at Gare de Lyon, walk to the Hall 1 and Clock tower, then walk outside and look for for signs stating Promenade Plantée or Viaduc des Arts. 



The Viaduc des Arts has become a chic shopping arcade with pretty shops and firms.


Pay attention, you will find a staircase leading upstairs, on the former railway that has become a pedestrian path.

You have a nice impression of canopy walk, looking onto the buildings around, flowered balconies and streets below.


It is very relaxing to stroll along that path of plants, fountains,  flowers and trees. The landscape changes quite often. there are benches and public toilets along the way. Runners are just tolerated. Panels state that runners are not to disturb pedestrians.


The path leads to the Parc de Reuilly.  As the weather was really hot, I saw a lot of local ladies sunbathing on the lawn , some of them really scantily clad. …


Relaxing moments in a silent atmosphere ( no trafic noise at all) .

On the way, you will spot a Chinese restaurant named Les Jardins de Mandchourie. I heard very good word to mouth on that place from Northern Chinese impats. It would only openat 7pm so I taste their dishes.


34 Allée Vivaldi, 75012 Paris


The path ends at the Square Charles Péguy, so walk out and get back either to Michel Bizot metro station or Porte Dorée station.



The Coulée Verte- Promenade Plantée closes at 8pm. It is not a late night park for late night  picnic party.




A new ice cream brand I have just tested today at the 4 Temps shopping mall in Paris La Defense. 

Their booth is located near the Geox shop for 6 months ( July to Dec 2016)  .  The brand name is Glaces Glazed and their main shop is 54 rue des martyrs in Paris.


Delicious ice creams with subtle mixes of flavours you seldom see: popcorn with caramel, pomelo and thyme-lemon, etc.

For instance Mr Green is made of pistachio and black sesame cream.  Cococaine is made of coconut sherbet and hassaku pomelo. I tried those ones and loved it. Very good pricing at 4.50 euros for 2 scoops ( waffle or pot) .




The choice is galore and really original.  Never seen the flavours they sell before.

The taste is typically French, not too sweet and subtle fragrances, very tasty.





Last Friday, a friend made me discover a street I did not know, just 2 blocks from the busy and noisy  Chatelet Les Halles.

Rue Leopold Bellan is a street next to the famous Rue de Montmartre.


That street boasts a series of little  restaurants  at reasonable rates , in a quiet atmosphere. Oddly enough, no tourists, just office workers from the firms around.

Very relaxing and quiet.  My friend knows well the area and told me she tried already Eat Me, an organic trattoria with air con. All the restaurants have al fresco tables.

We had lunch at La Mauvaise Reputation. Reasonable rate at 18 euros the entree+ dish or the dish+dessert. It’s fair quality for the price. Typical French homemade restautant.


You really have plenty of choice and not that impression of tourist traps you may feel in some areas . You may feel as if you are in a small village in the provinces

To get back to Chatelet les Halles, just walk along the Rue de Montmartre and you will be back the crowd of Les Halles Shopping Mall within 5 mn. Along the Rue de Montmartre, you will see cute designers shops and pastry -bakery equipment vendors such as La Bovida.





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