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LIFESTYLE – Un Jour à Paris

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Looking for a simple and quiet place to romance your significant other in a original Parisian atmosphere ? Or a cosy restaurant for a dinner in family ?

A very cute bar restaurant in the heart of Paris, here is Un Jour à Paris. Not to be confused with other places using the same name, this one is Rue de l’Echiquier, in the 10th district of Paris, the theaters district,  not far from the legendary movie theater, Le Grand Rex and the wax museum Musee Grevin.

Last night , I attended a gathering of coaches and freelance consultants and trainers.  As the initial place was full, we ended up quite unexpectedly at Un Jour à Paris. At first sight, especially in a rainy and icy evening, nothing special in what looked like a very basic bar…as per Parisian standards.


However, soon after you sit down and place your order, you realise the premises are as cosy as nicely decorated. It looks like a 60ies traditional French cafe. Some vintage atmosphere in the air.

The counter is in copper and the bottles on the bar shelves are beautifully arranged, as if Jean Pierre Jeunet was about to shoot a scene from Amelie. Or you expected Brigitte Bardot, Audrey Hepburn or Gene Kelly to pop up anytime for a comedy scene.


Stairs decorated with wood boards from wine boxes.

Everything is squeaky clean, neat and very pretty. But it is not a dollhouse. You can feel real people eat and drink there. Not actors or puppets. Even the toilets are in harmony with the whole concept. It’s like a trip in the 60ies.

We did not order dinner, as it was a networking even. But as per what I noticed with the diners sitting next to our group, there were very delicious confit de canard dishes. The kind of dishes that bring you back to all the good memories from childhood.

Unfortunately, my smartphone ‘s battery was too low, and I could not take as many pics as I wished to.

The pricing is very reasonable, especially in Paris. 3.80 euros for a juice, it’s very competitive.  Budget per diner would be about 15-30 euros. Generous dishes, made with care. A SouthWest family cuisine, traditional ( foie gras , duck leg) but refined.


Last night. Mojitos looked good.

The place is very popular among tourists, from all around the world but there is a base of local patrons. I mainly saw locals last night. The owner told.me Asians love the cosy and o so French atmosphere, peaceful and elegant. Ideal for a quiet dinner with your beloved ones. No deafening pop music, and a very friendly couple of owners, the Thery, who can speak English and Italian. ( update : to see my recent photos of a dinner there)

un jour a paris - duck leg

Duck leg confit and garlic potatoes

The lady owner , the very smiling Francine Théry, told me they do not open on weekends.


To go to Un Jour à Paris, take metro line 8 or 9, alight at Bonne Nouvelle.

You will be on Boulevard Poissonière, one of the Grands Boulevards of Paris ( Boulevard  Haussman is another one all tourists know) . You will see Le Grand Rex theater. The Rue de l’Echiquier is on the opposite side of the theater. Le Grand Rex is a mythic place in Paris. It used to be the biggest cinema in the city. The first time I ever went to the movies ,  I was 3 and my dad took me on purpose to Le Grand Rex to watch…Cinderella. In my memory, the  hall ceiling lights were like stars in a night sky.

The theater is also a concert hall and  it used to be famous because there was a fountains show before the film. I think they still do it from time to time.


Walk around, there are plenty of stage theaters to admire, and covered passages, the famous  » Passages couverts ».


Un Jour à Paris

48 Rue de l’Échiquier, 75010 Paris, France
+33 1 44 83 00 21 ( Owners: Stéphane and Francine Thery)


Closed on weekends.

To see photos from a recent dinner at this restaurant.

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