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JARDIN – Romance in flowers – part 1 , Carnations

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What flowers to bring romance ? In France, chrysanthemums ( unfortunately) usually remain in cemeteries. Roses, carnations, lilies, tulips, daisies, it is another world at our local flower shops.

Unlike Asians, French people are used to having fresh cut flowers at home. Flower shops are regularly visited by French ladies and French gentlemen looking for some flowers to present or to bring back home.

oeillet rouge

Of course, like fruits and veggies, there are seasons more appropriate to certain flowers.

In the summer, no fragrant flower lasts longer than carnation.

Carnation are usually deliciously fragrant, elegant and very resistant to heat.  From poet carnations to China carnations, here are all the variations of carnations.


The carnations you usually find in shops are double flowers like those above.  Beautiful colours, vibrant in various shades of violet, red, pink and white. Their natural fragrance is a sweet version of  clover scent.


Poet Carnations

In general Carnation means pride or cheekiness, but look at the meanings by colour before rejecting carnations.


  • White carnation : Sincerity , Purity of feelings
  • Yellow carnation : Disdain
  • Red carnation : Desire , Passion
  • Pink carnation : Strong love
  • Violet carnation  : Antipathy. … ( but they are so pretty especially striped in white)
  • Mixed coloured carnation :  Reflection
  • Striped carnation : Refusal.
  • Poet carnation : Passion and Elegance .

oeillet raye


I love carnations, very convenient in summertime. Carnations are cheap and last a fortnight, which is the double of a bunch of roses. Carnations are also associated with good spiritual energies, especially in red and white colour.


As you can see, carnations can be used in wedding bouquets.

To keep longer your carnations, do not put too much water in the vase. 1/4 is enough. More than for tulips ( a couple of cm) but less than for roses ( 2/3).

Fleurs d'oeillets

French people are not so obsessed with the language of flowers, however they avoid to give chrysanthemums as they are used for funerals in Europe. Many people buy the flowers they like, they do not pay attention to the meaning if it is for themselves.


Carnation in violet colour with  feathered petals

As for romance, people will  often give red or pink flowers, the brightest the red, the stronger the love message. ( Unless the recipient has a preference for specific colour and flower). Yellow flowers will be avoided as they are synonymous of adultery or apologies for a lie. People will buy 1 or 3 flowers ( 3 words : I love you) or a bunch of flowers in odd numbers ( 7, 9, etc).


A bunch of carnations can start at 3.50 euros in season. An average price is  5 euros. It depends on the size and the kind of carnations. Poet carnations  and big carnations can be a bit more pricey.

Across the country, you will find franchise shops ( like Monceau Fleurs)  or independent flower shops. All the florists are supposed to hold  a diploma in floristry. You can ask them to prepare a gift bouquet wrap  ( it is free if charge , but you can leave a coin as a tip) or you can tell them  » it is for me », so they will provide basic wrapping and you will be free to arrange your flowers at home.

You can either buy flower stem by stem ( priced per stem) , or grab a few bunches of pre-wrapped bunches ( sometimes they have package prices like 4 for 10 euros) , then go to the counter and  ask the clerks to recombine them in a bigger bouquet, add some foliage, etc. Ask the florist clerks for help and advice. They will make suggestions and advise you on how to maintain your flowers as well.





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