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JARDIN – Flowers in Paris

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Where to see nice flowers in Paris. A few spots you will enjoy.

Paris monuments

  • the Flower Market on the Isle of  La Cité
  • Luxembourg Palace Garden
  • Saint-Cloud  Park
  • Albert Kahn Japanese Garden

Impossible not to start with the Flower Market ( Marché aux Fleurs) located near Notre Dame and la Conciergerie- Holy Chapel on the Isle of La Cité. Full of flowers vendors and cute souvenirs shops. Tourists will find lavenders bags and all kings of scented products.

Last year, the Queen of England visited the place for the first time with President Hollande.


Everybody was very excited, especially since she loves gardens and speaks perfect French.


Do not hesitate to drop by , it opens everyday. There are three rows of flowers shops. On weekends you will see birds vendors too.

To go there, just take the metro to Chatelet  ( Right Seine Bank) and cross the Seine, or take the metro to La Cite. You can also walk there from St Michel metro ( on the Left Seine Bank).


Before the visit of the Queen, the shops had displayed even more flowers

Another place where plenty of flowers to be seen is the Jardin du Luxembourg ( RER B- Luxembourg). The Palace of Luxembourg was built by Mary of Medici , King Henry IV  ‘s wife. Henry IV is the grand-father of King Louis XIV ( Versailles’ Sun King) . It’s now the French Senate is.

The Palace cannot be seen but the gardens are open to the public everyday. It’s famous for its rotonde fountain.

Paris monuments


There are plum trees, apple trees and pear trees orchards , benches, chairs,  and lawns everywhere so you can relax and picnic. However, bring along your sunglasses as some paths are covered of white chalk, it  is a bit reverberating there.


People go there to chat , to flirt or for jogging . There are tennis courts and games and playgrounds for children as well.

There are other small parks in Paris such as Parc Monsouris, Parc Monceau  ( Metro Monceau) but they can be quite crowdy on weekends. Below, the Parc Monceau.


You must know Versailles. One part of its parks are actually free of charge, the entrance  to the public park is behind, not at the main gate. However the best flowery parts are in the paying areas. The free part are the canals and the lawns.

However, nearer Paris, there is the castle built by Monsieur , Louis XIV’s younger brother, at Saint Cloud ( SW of Paris). You can go there by tramway T2, alight at Parc de St Cloud.


The cascade is main remain of what used to be one of the most beautiful castle in France.


Monsieur was sissy and  vain , but also a very refined arts connoisseur. His Palace was said to be more elegant than Versailles, but it was demolished at the Revolution. Remain the beautiful park  and the cascade by Le Notre, the French royal garden designing genius, who designed all the main European royal gardens of the time. Le Notre basically invented the French Garden style.


Many people go there to take wedding pictures. The park has several areas, some of them are full of flowers, roses, begonias, geraniums.

Nearby, there is another garden , created by Albert Kahn. It is 4 euros per adult  to enter this paradise of Japanese gardening. There is also a part in French style. Free for children under 12.


You are advised to visit it in springtime or autumn to enjoy the cherry blossoms and the maple leaves.

© CG92/Musée Albert-Kahn/Lionel BARD

© CG92/Musée Albert-Kahn/Lionel BARD

© CG92/Pierre-Jean GRUJARD

© CG92/Pierre-Jean GRUJARD. The Rose section

The gardeners were trained by Japanese gardeners, so they use exactly the same techniques to trim the trees and bushes.


There are ducks and koi carps in the water ponds.

To go to Albert Kahn Museum and Garden, you have to take Line 10 to the terminus Porte de St Cloud. The entrance is near the metro exit , across the junction. Closed on Mondays and legal holidays. Opens from 11h to 19h from May to Sept. Closes at 18h otherwise.




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