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ENG- LIFESTYLE – Where the Stars dine in Paris – part 1 , Le Taillevent

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From Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly to Princess Diana and Beyoncé, international stars have always loved coming to Paris for stylish shopping and gourmet discovery. There are several elegant places in Paris  where stars find refuge for a cosy dinner,  far from the intrusive paparazzi.

Here are a few delicious addresses I have some insights about.

Today, let us see the Restaurant Le Taillevent, a favourite of chic movie star and GOOP lifestyle entrepreneur Gwyneth Paltrow.


Lifestyle and movie icon Gwyneth Paltrow is a huge fan of Paris

Le Taillevent has been a legend of Paris.  Michelin 3 star- holder since 1973, then back to 2 stars in 2007;  the famous old house of gastronomy continues to win rave reviews from unknown diners and celebrities. A few years back , a French friend of mine was there for an awesome  dinner to remember.

The excitement was also all around the room, as Gwyneth Paltrow herself was having dinner at a table nearby with a joyful bunch of girlfriends.  The film star turned lifestyle blogger allegedly said « Taillevent was her favourite place ». My friend told me Gwyneth actually speaks an excellent French. She found her really fluent. I am quite surprised since I have never heard her speaking French in the media.


Private Dining room

Quite surprising to find Gywneth in this kind of restaurant,  since she is rather perceived as the OCD Queen of  superhealthy minimalist diet, concepts she promotes in health books and on her GOOP website … Some allege her ex husband Chris Martin filed for divorce , weary of her diet and lifestyle antics amongst other reasons.


Taillevent is located in the former Palace of  the Duke of Morny.( half brother of  Emperor Napoleon III)

If Gwyneth loves Le Taillevent, you can be sure the food must be fresh and natural there ! However, the pricing clearly suits her posh tastes.

Le Taillevent is also famous for its wine cellars, allegedly the richest in the world. I would not be so sure as Michelin 3 starred Chef George Blanc in Burgundy has a remarkable wine cellar as well. Let alone the Presidential Elysee Palace in Paris. However Taillevent ‘s positioning is around « harmonizing » the wines with the dishes, what we call in French  to find » l’accord mets  vins« .



No kidding. Once Taillevent designed the most expensive menu : 1200 euros , including 5 outstanding wines

Taillevent has been renowned for being a guardian of French traditional restaurant , i.e style and service. Pixar’s artwork director Brad Bird and his team especially found inspiration in Taillevent’s elegant atmosphere to create the Auguste Gusteau’s restaurant where Ratatouille takes place. ( click here to read more about it in NY Times)

Gusteau’s is an amalgam of several restaurants in Paris, including Guy Savoy, Le Train Bleu and Taillevent. ( NY Times)



The various Taillevent menus really makes you drool , and what I especially appreciate, is the fact that the wines, beverages and the service fees are all included in the rate displayed. It looks value for money if you look for an excellent Michelin 3 stars restaurant. If you choose certain menus, you will even be entitled to a private dining room ( no additional charges).

If you prefer a less expensive version in a gastro pub spirit, you may try the 110 de Taillevent. Its name comes from the 110 kinds of wine you can order by glass, an excellent option to try a wine and drink moderately without spending like crazy on a bottle. Some of the wines there are rare vintages.  The budget there is about 30 to 70 euros per person ( vs 120 euros and more at Le Taillevent) .  I am a « one glass person », so ordering by glass is what I prefer by far in restaurants. It goes from 3 euros to 10 for champagne in.most venues.


110 de Taillevent

According to The Parisblog, Gwyneth discovered Paris with her father ( the late movie director Bruce Paltrow). He took her to Paris for the weekend when she was a kid. Since then, she comes back very regularly to our City of Lights .

Lucky girl, she can dine at Le Taillevent as many times as she wants. She probably tried the blue lobster and other delicacies quite a few times.


Gwyneth,  free and easy in Paris ( source: PopSugar)

Restaurant Le Taillevent

15 rue Lamennais, 75008 Paris

Phone : +33 (0)
Reservation online

Annual holidays from Saturday July 25th to Monday August 24th inclusive.


NB: As usual, this content is not sponsored by any of the brands and corporations mentioned.


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