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EN-LIFESTYLE – Profiterole Chérie, heaven of the cream puff in sauce

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Welcome to this new series of articles on Paris unknown food spots, where pastry tasting is an art de vivre !

Jaded with the « usual » macarons,  madeleines and cupcakes ?

Welcome to the fancy world of the Profiterole,  the funny name of the cream puff with a sauce. Super famous Chef Urraca has created a shop entirely dedicated to this pastry cutie.


The cliché of the profiteroles in France, a favourite on many restaurants menus, has been a plate of puffs stuffed with vanilla ice cream in a dark chocolate sauce. To find good profiteroles can be quite a challenge, since many restaurants tend to serve frozen ones or so-so ones. So, where to find the real mc coy of the profiterole ?

Now, let’s twist that traditional dessert with the creative genius of some of our best pastry chefs, especially the ones who hold the prestigious title of « Best Craftsmen in France » ( MOF, Meilleur Ouvrier de France), an order presided by the President of the French Republic.

NB- The MOF titles are competitive exams organised every 4 years. Success generally requires several years of preparation and sometimes a few applications. Evaluated during their work sessions and afterwards on their masterpieces, the applicants sweat blood during a few days on the most challenging exam ever. However, the MOF is a lifetime title that ranks amongst the most respected in the profession. It’s as prestigious as being a  Michelin 2 + star chef. The MOF chefs can be recognised at their blue-white-red- collar.


A native of the foie gras loving SouthWest region of Gers, Philippe Urraca,  President of the Best Pastry MOFs Order   since 2004, himself Pastry MOF since 1993, has been internationally known for his outstanding talents in pastry and chocolate candy making.

Very fond of profiteroles, he has opened this year a shop entirely dedicated to that very cute and newly fashionable pastry.


After macarons and cupcakes, here comes the profiterole in 2015, that savoury puff stuffed with ice cream or pastry cream AND accompanied by a delicious creamy sauce.


If you want to see Chef Urraca and his team at work , just drop by  at Profiterole Cherie ( Darling Profiterole) , his first shop and café in Paris. You will see them assembling your  » cheries » icy or creamy  profiteroles on the spot. Chef Urraca does believe profiteroles should be assembled in front of their eater.

You may even buy them « take away » or have them delivered at home. Your profiteroles will travel inside special cases,  so they will not melt away by the time they reach your dining table.

By the way, do try the chocolate specialties,  another forte of Chef Urraca.

Prices are about 6-7 euros each.

If you want to try to bake some on your own, you may order the ( French) book Profiteroles by Chef Urraca.


Profiterole Cherie is located in the Marais area,  17 rue Debelleyme, Paris 3rd district.
Open from Tuesdays to Sundays – from 10h to 20h

To go there, alight at Filles du Calvaire metro station ( Ligne nr 8).

Click here to drool over the carte


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