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ENG- FOC Paris – the Picasso Museum in Paris

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Completely renovated , the Picasso Museum in Paris boasts one of the most impressive collections of masterpieces by the Spanish born painter Pablo Picasso. Free entrance on every 1st Sunday of the month.


Located in the elegant 17th century’s Salé Palace, in the arty and posh Marais district,  the modernised Picasso Museum presents dozens of paintings by the Maestro in a non chronological order. Rather than alining a maximum of pieces in a very classical manner, the Museum tries to make you understand the genesis of his inspiration.


The prestigious Salé Palace was built by a Salt Tax Collector in the 17th century

That is a bright and modern idea which enables us to enjoy Picasso’s work in a more intuitive way, without thinking too much about his life story, facts, dates, etc. Making the most of all the room available in the palace, the Museum goes from basement 1 to the 3rd floor.


« Paul en arlequin » is one of the  hightlights of the collections

Even though you may not be a big fan of the painter’s , you will still be able to find some pleasure in admiring his paintings, sculptures and collages, as well as his personal art collection.

Nice surprise, this new version of the Picasso Museum presents on its highest floor Picasso’s personal art collection next to the master’s own pieces. As we can imagine, Picasso was a fine connoisseur of his fellow painters friends’ work.


Picasso expert Anne Baldassari used to be the CEO of the Museum. She designed the new museum layout. However, she was forced to quit a few months before the museum re- opening in 2014.

Picasso  owned (beautiful) pieces by Matisse, Renoir, Cézanne, Braque, Modigliani, as well as sculptures of African and Oceanian primitive arts. When seeing those wooden ceremonial  masks and totem statues, you suddenly understand where he found those odd ideas of abstract drawing, skipping the body to draw only the legs, the breasts and the face.


In 1908, Picasso did this painting , inspired by Cezanne’s style

In order to avoid queuing up at the entrance, I strongly recommend that you should purchase your entrance tickets on the Museum’s website.  The standard rate is 11 euros. Optional visioguide at 4 euros.

Like all French national museums such as Orsay or Louvre, every 1st Sunday of the month, the entrance is FOC , but you may need to be there earlier to queue up at the entrance.


The Goat is another favourite – (Happy Year of the Goat ! )

The nearest metro station is Saint Paul ( Line 1) but you can easily walk over from Chatelet Les Halles ( RER A/ B and D)  or Chatelet/ Hotel de Ville ( Line 1) . You will enjoy a nice walk through the Marais district, window shopping stylish designer’s shops and stopping by at one of the numerous delicatessen and cosy restaurants.

The Picasso Museum’s website






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