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ENG- Sand wars

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The Palm Resort, and the Palm Jumeirah during  in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Qatar exhausted their sea sand reserves with the crazy Palm Resort artificial islands project

Sea sand is the 3rd resource utilized in the world after air and water ( 15000 billion tons/ annum). It’s about time we should take into account the shortage of the most underestimated strategic raw material ,  which is a mandatory resource for the manufacturing of concrete and islands, as well as glass, computer chips and plastics ( anything with silicium).

Watch this award winning documentary by Denis Delestrac , and understand how and why sea sand has become a critical issue for economies worldwide, and why sea beaches and sea islands are now as endangered as rhinos and elephants. 

The excellent documentary will provide you insight of the sea sand economy and ecosystem. It questions the incredible wastage of sand in speculative real estate projects, and show the silent distress of the people who get caught in the aftermath of those « sandwars ».

Trop bétonnée, la légendaire Miami Beach coûte une fortune en remblayage

Miami Beach drowning under concrete blocks, it  is now in danger like 75% beaches in the USA

Emerging countries like Qatar and Singapore are right now under high pressure, as they do not have enough sea sand to continue their building frenzy. Qatar had to stop the The World artificial islands project, as no sea sand was available any more,  and desert sands were not suitable for construction purpose.

Nicknamed « the Asian Switzerland », Singapore is now compelled to smuggle sea sand from neighbour countries ( Cambodia, Indonesia) , after exhausting a few Indonesian spots , in order to build its Marina Bay latest facilities ( ironically called the Marina Sands).

In the meantime, other countries like Morocco and India are undermined by sand smuggling mafias , who terrorise locals and bribe authorities.

The US, the Maldives and Indonesia are now facing sand crises  on a daily basis, watching some islands or beaches sink in seawaters.r

Some scientists are now looking for replacement options such as broken glass, inspired by the example of Glass Beach , California.

Un sable de verre issu de nos déchets modernes

Watch the documentary on this free website sand-wars.com as soon as possible.


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