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ENG- From Paris with Haze – Air pollution alert

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France has hit a historical record, with an air pollution peak that has been lasting for more than one week  . As you can see below, the Eiffel Tower has vanished in a heavy smog ( about 100 micrograms/ m3).


It’s the first time we have it for so many days.  One big northern half of France is under red alert ( > 100 micrograms/ m3). However, it was quite shocking that the authorities took measures only yesterday, after one week of red alert ( it started last Wednesday). France has a Air Bill , but seems nobody wants to implement the regulation seriously.

So far, only free public transportation has been implemented for the weekend in several cities including Paris region. Today most  kids did not do their sports class outdoor, however some stupid sports teachers still took their students outdoors.

This shows how deep is the denial of pollution in this country. One would say that in a country where many smokers  still find normal  littering their cigarette butts on the ground ( let alone other rubbish), what to expect ?

Last year (2013) , I was crammed in a RER B train on the way back from the Bourget  Air and Space Trade Show. Some people were talking about « cleanliness in Chinese streets ». Those same people were just sweating in a stinking hell stuffy subway train ( dating back from the 80ies)  and were mocking the PRC people « who spit in the streets ». As if there were no spitting in French streets. As far as I am concerned, I usually find more spittings in French streets than in Chinese ones, although I dont pretend i visited each Chinese street.

France is also the European country that boast the highest consumption of  sleeping pills and antidepression drugs.  France is the country where most pesticides are consumed by  farmers, killing bees everywhere ( the French honey production dropped by 50% in 2013), let alone the alarming cancer rates amongst farm workers, and the number of villages where tap water cannot be drunk.

So no wonder you still see some nuts French people rushing in their diesel cars, scooters or motorbikes despite the alerts , smoking and spitting in the streets.

Hopefully, we should get out of the red zone by next week.


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