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CINE/ENG-Hunger Games ( Yin guys finish first)

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Even though the (excellent) Hunger Games film series are mainly presented as the story of the superwarrior-girl Katniss Everdeen (  Award winner Jennifer Lawrence  as impressive as in The Happiness Therapy ), I believe the most interesting character actually is  Peeta Mellark, the kind-hearted, media-saavy, camouflage painting baker’s boy ( perfectly performed by Josh Hutcherson). Why is that so ?

Even nowadays in 2013, sadly enough,  too seldom do we see a Yin male hero in action movies. Notice that in most action movies, the yin hero has to be female and the yang hero has to be male.( Even in SALT, the Yang female hero played by anorexic Angie finds herself  lonely , her Yin husband being just a victim).
Now, writer Suzanne Collins had the wonderful  idea to reverse the concept  i.e  a couple Yin male hero+ Yang female hero.


It immediately creates a girl/ boy contrast I’d like to see more often in films. Just check the Net and you’ll see that female audience prefer Peeta Mellark to brave Yang ordinary guys like  Gale Hawthorne/ Finnick O’Dair.  These two fellows embody the usual Yang archetypes who can only be Yang hero Katniss’  buddies.

I am especially impressed by the way Peeta handles Katniss’s temper, always finding the right attitude and the right words: listening, understanding, playing it down. He ends up being the only trustworthy one able to make her feel peaceful and secure.

Last time I saw a Yin guy that was not gay was Gordon Lewitt’s character in « 500 days in summer ». That’s been a long time…and it was a romance comedy. « Yiner » guys are generally  relegated to comedies ( eg Woody Allen) because there is no action in there. Boring. And Yang female action heroes are usually alone, facing Yang men ( eg Jennifer SALT).

Generally only Yang male action  heroes get a Yin female hero to keep company and provide an alibi to go violent. ( eg James Bond).


I include hereafter a link to a funny article about 22 reasons why Peeta Mellark is the best fictional boyfriend character ever. Enjoy
Beware of the spoiler though, the article mentions Hunger Games 3 story details.



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